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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grassrange, Montana

This abandoned service station was at the crossroads of 19 and 87 near nothing Montana. It was literally a wide spot in the road. Three large above ground fuel tanks and the building, that was it for dozens of miles in any direction of your choice.

If you ever wondered about the severity of the weather on the vast plains of Montana...
I enjoyed every mile of the emptiness but I most certainly would not want to drive it now or anytime through the winter months.
 My desire for adventure stops far short of that.


  1. Cool details and interesting graphism on the second shot! ;-)

  2. Love that detail of the peeling sign.

  3. love that 2nd shot! i feel that way some days...

  4. Lovely images John... It sounds like a very bleak place.

  5. WoW! These are really cool shots...

    Montana is my favorite state & I don't blame ya for wanting to steer clear during the winter! =)

  6. I love both the black and white and the peeling paint, and the image you've suggested of desolation highway. the blues are fantastic. and I wouldn't want to drive that stretch of highway in a snowstorm either, but I do love me a good snowstorm. we had snow showers today! woo hoo. sorry to rub it in, knowing you don't have the pleasure of experiencing snows there...ha! :)
    happy day to you and Sinbad.

  7. I can't decide which one I like best.

  8. HI John...puts the mind a'wondering..lol..who,what,when, and why?????
    Not the place to be stranded that's for sure!
    I like these sort of photo's


  9. The black and white seems to intensify the sense of isolation.


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