The test of an adventure is that when you are in the middle of it, you say to yourself, "Oh, now I've got myself into an awful mess; I wish I were sitting quietly at home." And the sign that something is wrong with you is when you sit quietly at home wishing you were out having lots of adventure. -Thornton Wilder

The nice thing about being confused is you get a chance to notice things a lot better than if you knew where you were going.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Home From the Holiday

There wasn't much Thanksgiving traffic,

we sat around and visited a lot with family,

and there was a lot of good food to eat.

Now back home, time to regroup and rest.


  1. Cool shots John, loved the hungry guy, he is so cute! ;-)

  2. Hi John...Love this post cute the photo's to go with your words!! ; }
    Love the last one....Purrrrrr!!!

  3. oh, this cracked me up!!! ROFLMAO!!!

    loved it! thanks!

  4. Ha! This is such a fun post! Thanks for making me smile. :)

  5. oh look at the poor baby, all tired out from the holiday ruckus. when I think Daiseymae is cold I'll cover her up with a little binky but she will not allow it. she immediately gets up and moves. she's the only cat I've had that doesn't like snuggling in a binky. your series here is hilarious. I hope it's actually the case that there wasn't much traffic! Sinbad is adorable.
    happy day to you John.

  6. A wonderful post...I love Sinbad.


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