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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Job Security

So, what is this? This is the guy mowing the grass at the nearby polo field. I could not believe the size of mower he was using to do such a huge monumental job as cutting grass on a polo field.
This is the type of riding lawn mower you would use on your front lawn.
Down one side and up the other in ever decreasing ovals.
So how big is a polo field you ask?
A polo field is 300 yards long and 160 yards wide, the approximate area of 9 football fields.
I really should have timed him as to how long it took to make a loop cutting a swath only 2 feet wide on each pass.
Would you want to mow this lawn? Notice the person in the white shirt along the left side. He was playing Frisbee with his dog. They are three-quarters the way down the field.
I went back a couple hours later to get the above shot from the end zone so as to really show how big this field is. The mower was sitting just off to the right in the middle of the field, abandoned.
I think he ran out of gas.


  1. love the title you gave this post. and, yes, i'd mow just like that - for hours on end. :)

  2. Not a bad way to spend some time. Sure is pretty county.
    Yep, Holga is dusted off and still working!

  3. well I guess the cost of field-sized mower would have to be weighed against the cost of the labor. it does seem an inappropriate mower for that particular job. in fact, it seems an astronomical task to me. I'd feel as though I was never going to finish. and I'd need an iPod too. happy day to you John.

  4. Brilliant to see John and so good to see the groundsman takinf so muck care of the pitch.
    Polo is a sport we have here in Cheshire...here's a link if you can be bothered for my post made earlier this year.


  5. I wonder how long that job takes.

  6. Amazing. I wonder how much gas it takes to cut a field that size with that little thing. Thanks for sharing.

    Sorry I've been gone, my blog disappeared while I was in New England. I've put up a new one here to keep up for now.

  7. I wonder if he noticed his paparazzi!

  8. I wouldn't want to drive a combine through a wheat field, either. Both seem like endless jobs.


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