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The nice thing about being confused is you get a chance to notice things a lot better than if you knew where you were going.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Muchin' Muskrat

One day last week I rode my bike all the way in my Annadel Park to Lake Ilsanjo hoping to see some waterfowl on the lake. The only thing there was an old coot. Not me, but the bird - American Coot. I stopped on the dam to eat my apple when I noticed a reed moving sideways. A muskrat was dragging the reed over to his dining area. There I was treated to this cute little fellow enjoying his mid-day snack also.


  1. he's very cute. my system's been having a heck of a time loading videos lately, so i was only able to view about 20 secs. of herky-jerky loading before i finally gave up. but what i saw was cute.

  2. A great little clip John.. Your Muskrat is a lovely little fella to see.

    What kit are you using? Camcorder/tripod etc

  3. he's so CUTE!!! I've never seen one except in the water swimming. he stops mid-way to scratch that itch and then continues on with his munching. or she/her. when we pause and be still, there's really a whole lot going on out there in the wild. nice job. happy day to you John.

  4. He is a cute little guy!
    I always have fun when I come here and I see a picture or a video of a animal we don't have in my country.
    Thanks John! :)

  5. How cuuute is that! Do they really weigh so little that he can stand on reeds in water w/o sinking? WoW! =)


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