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Saturday, November 5, 2011

National Bank Transfer Day

Today is National Bank Transfer day and many small banks and credit unions across the country are opening their doors on Saturday in anticipation of welcoming new customers. An estimated 650,000 consumers have joined credit unions since September 29, the day Bank of America announced its plan to charge a $5 monthly fee to debit card users. In the last 5 weeks 4.5 billion dollars have been shifted into credit unions. The massive transfer of capital and rising tide of consumer anger has rattled the U.S. banking industry, prompting Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Citibank to scrap new debit card fees. "Money is power. By taking some of the money out of the Wall Street banks, you diminish some of their power to pervert tax laws" to quote an ad in some local credit unions.

I took my money out of Wells Fargo a few months ago long before all this discontent over Wall Street and big banks began to boil over. After two years I simply got tired of Wells Fargo jerking me around and basically working against me than for me. I walked across the street and opened up an account with our small local community bank. I am very please with my new bank plus I get free chocolate chip cookies and Peets coffee.

Okay, I am now off to today's Occupy rally downtown.
Do they have wi-fi in jail?


  1. Interesting post about banks. Bank fees have increased her in Canada too and since Canadian banks all have annual profits I cannot figure out why they need more money.

  2. i use a community bank for our joint account and IRAs, etc. I like it. my husband uses Wells Fargo for his personal acct (easier since he travels around the country a lot so has branches available in most every larger area). but they are ridiculous and cause him more hassle than i'd ever have put up with...

  3. I did the same thing a few months ago by closing my Wells Fargo checking account and depositing that money in my local credit union. Now I don't have to worry about monthly fees. It's definitely time for Wells Fargo and the other large banks to shrink in size.

  4. have really gotten Buddy and me thinking tonight. We are even closer now to removing our funds from Wells Fargo and hunting the area for a locally owned bank lie of old. We are as irritated, andy, discouraged, and sickened bu what the banks are doing to all of us. Wells Fargo is not easy to deal with at all and we are not happy campers. I read your post to Bud and will keep you in the loop as to what we do. Maybe this is why he like that month in the Green Mt.s of Vermont so much...people are so different up there. While he was on the trek we had 2 stock market mini crashes and one recovery and he did not know anything about any of it. We took two hikers from New Jersey up onto the AT today for a four day hike. One is a postal worker and the other just LOST his job. They left their cell phones is their car ! That says it all!!!! Now I need to go to your fence and take a look. Gotta quit this ranting and raving. genie

  5. I use a community bank too. I like seeing my money used in the community.

  6. Sinbad,

    Last Monday I moved my business account to the Self Help Credit union. I already have a State Employees personal account.

  7. I started banking with a local community bank 11 years ago. Service was so good my only regret was not switching to them sooner. Always free ATMs, theirs, or not theirs but part of their network with other small banks, or big bank ATM that charges me a fee that the small bank then reimburses me (!); and get this...when in Italy a couple summers ago, no foreign currency transaction fees.

    Why would anyone bank with Chase or BoA?

  8. I am very disappointed with BOA. I was with Wells Fargo before, but they were sucking me dry-- fee this fee that fee future child's education blablabla and I just had had it. So I switched to BOA, and it has actually been GREAT-- they worked WITH me to make my banking work. I actually kept my money in the bank longer there than I could with WF. And then this BOA fee thing? I so want to switch to our local credit union.

  9. good good good. my mortgage/checking account is with a local family-owned bank. they offer excellent service and always bend over backwards to meet my needs. no debit card fee. I may be wrong, but I give credit to the occupy wallstreet protesters for at least some of this. one can argue about the way they dress, whether or not they're slackers or actually have jobs, or if they're living off of daddy's trust fund. be that as it may, they're calling attention to the fact that "too big to fail" banks are sitting on trillions of assets, not making loans to small business and individuals, and alternately trying to impose yet more fees on those small businesses and individuals. I say to those who are out on the streets shouting that enough is enough - "right on".


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