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Monday, November 7, 2011

Occupy Rally #2

I had another good time at last Saturday's Occupy Santa Rosa Rally.

This is just part of the encampment in front of City Hall.
This set-up wins the ingenuity award. Like a mobile home, it can be wheeled anywhere you please, just in case the wind changes direction from the porta-potties.
A lot of food is available for the occupiers, all donations from supporters like you. 
Hot meals are prepared too, all free.
One gentleman drove up and delivered all these baked potatoes and two platters of hot mashed potatoes.
You can imagine how well that was received on a cold blustery day.
This young lady's t-shirt wins best of show in my opinion.
Grandpa and grand daughter. You are never too young to learn civil disobedience.
Some creative imagination.
Some were in costume. The girl is holding a cardboard movie camera with the words on the side "The World is Watching". I missed the sign over the man's shoulder that you can see "Wells". It read "Wells Fargo took away our home." It was more powerful in the sense that a ten year old boy was carrying the sign.
Time to march.
We marched down the main streets of town keeping one lane open for traffic. Every car honked in support, flashing peace signs and even if we went through an intersection stopping traffic, no one objected.
Near the end we stopped in front of the Chase bank and let them know about it.
Earlier Wells Fargo was targeted but I missed that. Darn.
At least WF does not have my $$$ anymore.
The workers inside either ignored us or were amused. Only a few inside were customers. Two women guards at the door were reminded that this was not against them, but the bank. "We love you, for you are part of the 99%" one lady shouted at them through the glass doors. They smiled and waved at us.
This was the only police presence we had and he simply asked us to stay on the sidewalk while in front of the bank. He too is part of the 99% of course.
We left our calling card in the ATM machine and moved on.
It was a cold day with the rain coming down pretty good by the end of the two and one half mile march and a few walked the entire way like this.
I think there was a period in my life I would have been able to do likewise myself but that was 40 some years ago. Well, at least I still can do the distance.


  1. We should live in a world where everybody has the same opportunities.
    You could be a photojournalist. ;-)

  2. my favorite was the message on the young lady's t-shirt.

  3. You did a great job of showcasing this.
    I had a long discussion with my 40something son, he says the OWS folks are nutty, I said I wished I was with them. In the end we both felt it was time for them to go home and put their energy into the political process. I hope OWS will then come back before the election next year, I don't want the movement to peak too soon.

  4. Just catching up from being away ... like that young lady's t-shirt! Some great pictures you captured during the day!

  5. I think the T-shirt speaks volumes!

  6. aww, this was great coverage. I posted that t-shirt saying on my Facebook wall a few months ago. I think it speaks volumes. this is a populist movement that began in....Wisconsin! last winter when our newly-elected governor (who was essentially bank-rolled into office by the Koch brothers) tried to bust public-employee unions. that was the shot across the bow and it became very clear that something was terribly wrong that ordinary, working class, middle class families would be targeted to make sacrifices that no other group was currently being asked to make. some say public employee unions ought not to have such bargaining rights. phhhhttt. now, if only we could overturn Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission No. 08-205, perhaps we would be making some progress. excellent coverage John. no surprise there. happy day to you.

  7. I really liked the stock options. What a sight it would be to see a dozen or so bankers everyday in those stock options out in front of wall street. Guess we'd be kind to only have them out there 8 hours a day.


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