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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Seen Better Days

I think this old barn isn't good for much more than to look at and take pictures of.
I found this one in Scipio, Utah. Yes, a couple previous blog entries are from that town.
If you are ever on Highway 50 in Utah, this very little town will provide you with a lot of photographic opportunites. You can click here and here to see the other posts. I have several more yet to do from Scipio Utah.

Inside the roof made for an interesting pattern.

Changing it to black and white made it even more so.

Is there anyone who does not like old weathered wood?

Check Bluff Area Daily for more barn photos on


  1. that is really a cool set of photos. wonder if the roof has just weathered that way or if it was slatted on purpose?

  2. I'm one that love the old weathered wood barns... LOVE them! They're my all time faves

    Thanks so much for joining Barn Charm =)

  3. I find it fascinating the ways barns start to fall apart - it often seems so random.

  4. Ooh! Very cool photos of the roof! Love those old barns.

  5. Oh my that is what I am looking for ^_^

    The Barn

  6. Cool series John, old barns are very charming. ;-)

  7. Wonderful images John... it's beautiful old building to see... and sad to see it's now in neglect.

  8. I really like the play of light and shadows in the roof shots! Excellent!

  9. I love weathered wood. that barn must be really well made. but I've seen many barns that I wonder just how it is that they're still standing - there's practically nothing left but the beams. this one is almost all roof, I can see why it was never repaired! great find John. those are really nice patterns and I like the black and white conversion.
    it looks like it sits in a scenic area too. I love that sort of landscape. take good care now.

  10. That is a beautiful building! For photographing, anyway!! I love the fallingdownness of it!


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