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Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday at the Flea Market

The line-up.
Number 3 please step forward.

I couldn't decide which angle I liked best so I included both photos.

Nice fashions, if your job is on a street corner. Okay, the yellow dress is not so bad.

These sailing ships were way cool. I always thought building up a kit like this would be fun.
But then what would I do with it? 
Plus there would be the cleaning of dust and cobwebs out from all the rigging.

These metal signs were so well done that they really looked as old as they were intended to be.
Yeah some were corny jokes but others were reproductions of actual advertising signs of their day.
$20 each.

This here stopped me in my tracks. Ice Follies of 1945. Pretty neat. This display is a few years older than I, but at least I am all here. (no smart-ass jokes now)
Makes you wonder who was so important to someone that they cut out that one picture.
Unfortunately the tickets were sold out.

Okay, I really wasn't expecting to see these. I had skates very similar to this. I remember binding them up so tight with my skate key that the hard soles of my shoes would buckle upwards. If I didn't do that I would throw a skate at high speed. Not fun.
Years later I built my first skateboard from a pair of skates just like these. This was before skateboards were commercially produced. I would skateboard the smooth cement halls of the elementary school across the street...barefoot. I eventually wore the outer steel covering from the wheels. My feet were tougher.
Only $10 for the pair but he didn't have a skate key so I continued on my way. Besides, I don't think they will work with Converse.


  1. visions of skateboarding, ice-skating street walkers running thru my head...

  2. Wonderful images of the flea market John. It looks like the car boot sales we have over here..
    Great images to see but it's sad to read about you missing out on millions of dollars by not patenting your skateboard.. Enjoy your week... lol

  3. remember the skate key?? oh my that was like, what, 100 years ago!! LOL

    John ~ I live about 90 minutes from NYC. I really enjoy visiting but go only about twice a year. I try to get the Macy's Thanksgiving balloon inflation and to see the Christmas tree at Rockafeller Center. We go into broadway shows but not as often as we would like.

  4. Great post. I think I like the second image of the mannequins, it's always fun to find a colorful display like this. The skates brought back memories to me, as well.

  5. so did you buy anything? I had a pair of skate just like that, and I remembering the buckling of the sneakers to get them tight. oh the memories. I love that first shot - that yellow dress is pretty cool, but I'd not have the nerve to wear something like that at my age!!! I'm amazed that the seller has all those mannequins for display, and what a job it must be to set up and take down. and about those ship kits. get one, build it up, and then give it away - no bothers with dusting and you still have the fun of building it. I think they're neat too. great shots John. you find the funnest, most interesting things to snap. happy day to you.

  6. ...stupendi!!!
    Da piccolo ne avevo un paio uguali!!!


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