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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Turkey Vulture

Some are repulsed by this bird but I find them fascinating. They have a keen sense of smell which allows them to locate a dead animal up to 12 miles away and they live upwards to 16 years of age. Captive birds have been known to live as much as 30 years. 
This fine fellow posed for me near Devils Tower Wyoming.
There is a healthy population of Turkey Vultures where I live here in Sonoma County in northern California. Nearby my home the county regularly drops off a road kill deer and the Turkey Vultures faithfully do their duty. Perhaps someday I'll do some photos of them enjoying their free handout, although I suspect some people would rather not see that.
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  1. I think this is a fascinating bird - they are what they are right? I'd be thrilled to get a photo of one. (I love the adventure quote in your header).

  2. I can't say thay I like them, but I understand they have their role in Nature. ;-)

  3. I want to be on the loose at Devil's Tower!
    Funny, for such a big bird I have trouble keeping TV's in focus and bringing home the bacon (the good pic). They do bring out people's emotions one way or the other though. Nice catches here!

  4. Hi John...for some reason I thought I was following you and just thought perhaps you where not posting often, so picked you of your comment on another blog...sure enough your right up to date lol!! I am now!!
    I have come to really enjoy the Turkey Vultures..I love to watch them glide with the wind current in circles searching for there lunch!! Saw one eating a dead Skunk once lol!!
    A face a Mother couldn't even love lol..but a magnificant wing span!!

    PS Sinbad has a had live doesn't he!

  5. I don't mind turkey vultures. I actually love to see them gliding around in the sky. they have a great wing-span. and it's nice that the county donates a road kill for them to chew on. why waste it, huh? I didn't know that about their keen sense of smell - or that they have such a long life-span for a bird, either. happy day to you John.

  6. i love these birds (and their black vulture cousins). and i'm very used to roadkill and critterkill so you wouldn't offend my senses in the least. of course, if you have some city slicker folks following, you might have to warn 'em to turn away. :)

  7. I find them fascinating too -- and they serve a very important ecological role as well. They may be a bit "ugly", but in the nice golden light they can be beautiful too!

  8. I think they're a lovely bird; and they do a great job too.

  9. John these are beautiful birds to see.. we don't have them over here so it's one of those thanks for sharing moments...

    Hope you are all keeping well.

  10. Nice close ups!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  11. one of my absolute favorites!

  12. Great shots! I never see them actually perched. The lighting is very nice!

  13. Beautiful shots of the Turkey Vulture John Lee! One of the most important birds in our ecosystem and an incredible soaring bird.

  14. Not repulsed but not my favorite.

    Yes, there are many photo ops in NYC ~ I didn't fill a SD, close but not quite. Perhaps because I visit there often. You really should try to get there ~ amazing place.

  15. I think they are beautiful in their own way. They do serve a purpose in nature,as disgusting as it may be. Wonderful shots. I have seen them flying overhead, but never this close up.

  16. i am facinated by this bird as well. they are gorgeous in flight!

    you got some great pictures!!

  17. I love the way they look like retired old-fashioned preachers.
    I would not mind a few here to clean up any sheep that die or a cow or two. They are big animals to have to bury so a few of those turkey vultures would really come in handy.
    Looks like the county has found out that they make great disposal systems for road kill.

    Beautiful shots.


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