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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Under the Highway

Yesterday I took a drive to San Pablo Bay, the uppermost portion of the San Francisco Bay. There, wildlife refuges protect the shallow tidal flats and I thought I might get some shorebirds to photograph. Only I didn't take in to account for the tide as everything was flooded and no birds were to be seen. Oh well, lesson learned so I explored around anyway. Above is standing beneath Highway 37. Kind of neat with the sounds of cars and big rig trucks rolling by just feet above your head.

All that traffic roaring by didn't bother this fellow, but as soon as I silently walked by off he flew.
I don't get it.

Hunting is allowed on the refuge (is that an oxymoron?). I guess when the ducks frustrate you enough, take it out on the signs.
As I was going for the reflection of the shotgun pellet ridden sign in the water, I inadvertently captured the reflection of the high power lines overhead which I think is more interesting so I'll link this up to
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  1. Nice shots here John. I'm glad you mentioned the power lines because I didn't even notice them at first look, but I like them too.

  2. interesting views. hate to see the pellet holes in that sign, though, as i know a lot of wading birds can ingest them and die from lead poisoning. such a waste...

  3. You captured some great shots here, last night I saw how the Golden Gate bridge was built, pretty impressive, your bridge is small comparison to what they went through but nonetheless an engineering feat
    Bridget #2

  4. Lovely images from under the bridge.. My son should have returned home from San Fran yesterday but hasn't been in touch yet...probably hear from him at Xmas.
    That sign has really taken a hemmering...

  5. interesting series of photos. the second one is my favorite - I liken it to what the moors would look like from the opening scenes of one of my favorite novels - Great Expectations. the light and colors are wonderful. I like the under the overpass shot too, but it freaks me out to stand under there for very long. I love the colors going on this time of year - as in the third shot. the blues and browns are very beautiful together. I guess refuge simply means it's a place for them to stay awhile, having been displaced by humans and all due to development. I like to think they're safe from bullets there, but guess not. you got some nice reflections in the second photo too. happy day to you John.

  6. Refuge and hunting are indeed an oxymoron! We do live in a crazy world.

    I've had many a bird fly off when it sees me but is not afraid of car or train traffic. Frustrating! But at least you captured the bird in the air.

  7. The under the bridge image is wonderful. There is something really special about it. Your last shot is so pretty it is magical. with perfect composition. It has to be my favorite of the 3 pictures. The color of the water with the grasses in the background make for a wonderful contrast. genie

  8. That is a really cool reflection! Too bad about no birds.

  9. I esp. Like the 1st shot! Interesting how the bridge enforces the feeling of wide open spaces.

  10. I really like that first shot. Great reflection.

  11. Beautiful under the bridge shots. It reminds me of Louisiana. Love the colors.


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