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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Weekend Reflections

That jackass in your rear view mirror may very well be just that.

You may see his buddy from a previous post here.

This is linked to James' Weekend Reflections.


  1. OMG!!! Busted out laughing! Thanks for this!

  2. that guy is so much better than the jackasses we get on the roads here in NJ

    fantastic, fun photo

    I love so many of the photos here
    the flag in the midst of a field is beautiful
    and Sinbad is one photogenic dude :)

    and thank you so much for you kind comment on my photo
    made my day

  3. So is that the ass end of your rig? Great reflection shot!

  4. when I saw the post title in my reader I was prepared for a laugh, but even YOU have outdone yourself on this one. so traffic was stopped so that people could snap shots of...wild asses. now I need to go clean my computer screen. splendid reflection. happy weekend John.

  5. A wonderful capture John... You must drive too slow he wants to overtake..

  6. That's great and your sense of humor is perfect!


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