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Friday, December 2, 2011

Little Fence for Big Horses

It takes just a little bit of wire to contain these big beautiful Clydesdale horses.
It does help that the wire has sharp points.

But that didn't deter this fellow from using the barbed wire to really dig in to his neck in order to get to an itch. It bothered us to watch but he seem to be enjoying it.

Love those big feet or rather big hoofs.

This is linked to Jan's Friday's Fences even if it has more to do with Clydesdales than fences.


  1. I definitely like those big hairy hoofs of the Clydesdale! It really makes them look distinct and they're just so beautiful.

  2. Where did you see them? I saw them in St Louis at Grant's Farm when I was a kid, over 20 years ago. They're beautiful =)

    happy weekend

  3. these are great shots! beautiful furry beasts!

  4. These horses are so beautiful, we don't see horses like them around here.
    Have a good weekend John! ;-)

  5. Beautiful beasts to see John... I live close to a Shire Horse sanctuary. I will try to visit over the weekend and share my big horses with you.
    Take catre.

  6. Trust me...I DID get away.....Eloise and I stayed much farther away than the guys who had to walk and nose around the fencing. I probably get more radiation on a daily basis from the microwave than up there. I did try my best (hahaha). You know me when it comes to anything having strong lines and curves...I just have to go and get me camera. Your horses are gorgeous....am assuming you carry a trailer hitched to the back and you take them wherever you all go...tee-hee-hee. They are magnificent animals. It seems like if a cow can break through a fence like that they could, too. TGIF....No more bad kids for 3 days. Have taken off Monday because my 46 year old son from Seattle is coming in for his first visit home in 5 years. I am so excited I am about to burst. Hope you all have as great a weekend as I am hoping to have. genie

  7. Love these horses...they are just magnificant creatures! Great shots

  8. HI John..They are a beautiful animal...I love there faces..they seem to quite gentle for there size!
    I really like the face shot : }


  9. I love that first photo. and the one on the left in the second photo looks preggers. I've never gotten that close to a Clydesdale. I've only seen them marching in parades, and from a distance. my favorite shot is the last. love it. happy weekend to you and Sinbad.

  10. It is challenging to notice the fence when you have such handsome horses begging for attention.

  11. I love all the detail you can see in the last two shots!! The texture of the hair on his chin and on his legs!!

  12. At one time Budweiser bought land near the Owens Lake, hoping to secure water from the underground aquifer to send to LA in a future drought. To sweeten the deal they were going to have a retirement home for Clydesdales on the property. No deal!
    Water is a hot topic in Inyo County. It still goes south but in bottles labeled "Crystal Geyser" not in the aqueduct.


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