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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Another Neat Old Car

I don't go looking for these cars, I just happen upon them.
Came across this one yesterday at the plaza in Sonoma, CA.

Notice the license plate frame. No doubt the owner works there.

There was no escaping the bright California sun reflecting off this beauty.

Okay, 'selfie' alert.


  1. oh, you've been taking lessons from becky! :)

    and 2 posts in one day?! someone take the man's temperature!!!

  2. I have never seen (nor heard of this Hornet) but have now educated myself by googling it. The logo thing does have a very futuristic look to it.

  3. It looks like a bit of a beast John..
    Thanks for sharing it..

  4. Cool..how i like all that chrome!

  5. I love old cars. This one's gorgeous!

  6. she's a beauty
    love your reflection in the last shot

  7. How fun. Did you get to meet the owner. I'll bet he/she's a character.

  8. can you hear me jumping up and down and squealing about the selfie shot? it's perfect!!! you hornet snapper you. those are some great cars. California cars stand a really good chance of being originals - no road salt. or am I incorrect in that assumption?


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