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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Are you like me?

You see a wonderfully well done photo of say a forest scene and think Oh, I could do that. Then one day your walking along and see such a setting, that forest moment very much like the photo you marveled at. The light is coming in from the side, illuminating portions of moss-covered tree limbs and rocks and you realize, This is it. You carefully adjust your settings, compose your shots, try several different angles, each time looking at the LCD screen on the back of the camera and think, Oh it'll look better when I get home and see it on the computer screen.

Later, at home dejectedly looking at the images on the computer screen thinking...That's it?
Thank goodness pictures are only bits of information on a digital card and not expensive film.


  1. It happens to me too, but sometimes I have amazing surprises. :)

  2. Not having seen the real setting where you took this picture, I think the picture is beautiful!!

  3. I know exactly what you're talking about... do it all the time! It always looks sooo much better on the lil LCD screen than blown up so much bigger on the computer screen... plus, there's more blur to be seen on the computer screen! YiKeS! LoL!

    I guess I don't see what everyone is seeing w/ my moon shot... I almost didn't post it because I thought it looked too dull! =0

    I have a Power Shot Canon & I couldn't tell you exactly what it was set on except for probably 400 ISO & F2.8 - I should pay closer attention! Thank you so much for the comment/compliment, made my day! =)

  4. you made me laugh!!! i have this exact type of post set for this weekend, although mine involves a bird. :)

  5. oh I so know what you mean. I'm rarely pleasantly surprised. It's almost always worse than I expected! I think you've captured some really nice light here though; it's a lovely setting and great composition. There's something comforting about this photo. I dumped a whole load of photos today without even opening the files. I got too weary of moving them all onto my external hard drive - I'd waited too long to do the task and got too far behind. I cannot miss what I don't even know I have. Purging felt really good too. take care John. happy evening to you. And orange fur ball.

  6. I never say that. I always see other works and wish I could shot like that and this. Marvelous shot.

  7. This looks pretty darn good my screen. But as we all know, it's Just Used Pixels.

  8. It happens to me often, however I must admit that sometimes I think I've taken a run of the mill shot and it comes out beautifully.
    I'm only an amateur with a large memory card, so sometimes I'll take multiple shots to give me a chance of the one.

  9. I have learned not to delete anything until I have uploaded it onto the computer. I am sometimes pleasantly surprised, but more often than not, I have been overwhelmingly disappointed that out of a hundred shots maybe one is close to perfect. And post processing does not fix it - it can change it into something more artistic, but it will look even less like your original eye view.

  10. I am totally with you on this one. I am often so excited over a beautiful scene and when I get home it's so disappointing!!
    Thanks for the tips about photographing in P mode... I have used it before but will try again. I think it will be easier to take shots just adjusting a couple of settings rather than all at once :)

  11. I know that feeling.
    Remember though, that most of the gorgeous images out there are heavily post processed! Even though the photographer might say, he/she didn't do MUCH or it's straight out of the cam. Right ;-)


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