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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Flower of Spring and Other Things

I am on a hike yesterday and spotted the first wildflower for 2012. Now what day was it?
Oh, January 10. Mother Nature is so confused with this global warming thing.

Even the Manzanita had blossoms forming.

I did see this fine buck with his lady and well grown young one in tow. I've never seen a a group of three like that before. Usually a buck alone or the doe and fawn alone. He just wanted to play games with me having me go in circles trying to get a photo. I eventually gave up for they were much nimbler in getting about in the dense undergrowth than I.

You can see her head just behind him.

It is fun to get off the established trails and go cut cross country following animal trails. Soon you lose them and begin to make your own trail through the forest and across meadows just as would Daniel Boone or Lewis and Clark. You imagine that you're exploring country never before seen until you come across something like this.
So much for no one else ever having been here.

That's okay. In my own little world I am standing tall.


  1. nice shadow shot! and blossoms! it has been a very strange winter across this country!

  2. Hey, you should be standing tall John, at least you're getting out. It's 27 f here this morning and I'm staying warm. Wish we could get some snow to go with the cold.

  3. HI John...what's with your post not showing up in my list...This is the first one out of the last 4 you posted...!
    I sure am glad to see todays that one of the buck is magical love it!
    I give up on what the weather is doing!! My new saying "it is what it is and there ain't nutten ya kin-do about it " lol!
    Hey I really like those black and whites you did an those previous post ...that didn't show up!!

  4. These are all so fun! I LOL'd at the first flower of spring. We don't have flowers here but the snow here is melting today. Strange! But, I'm not complaining. ;o)

    I love the shadow shot at the end. I have been playing with more of these recently too.

  5. Interesting to see a family group of deer. The buck is a handsome one.
    The flowers are pretty but it sure is weird to see them blooming in mid-January!

  6. Flowers already! That's crazy. I know that feeling when you think you're off the beaten trail and then you find evidence of someone else being there! Looks like a nice hike though.
    As far as a tutorial for black and whites...hmmmm, I feel like I'm still learning myself. My background is in the darkroom, so my expertise with photography on the computer is still "developing" :)

  7. I can't believe that you have flowers already. Nice wild life shots too!

  8. It has been a very mild winter here in CA and elsewhere. I worry if we don't have some rain soon, we'll have nasty wildfires this summer. I, too, have seen blue-eyed grass blooming since last month, which I'm not sure is usual or not. However, CA manzanitas typically start blooming in winter as early as December. I realize that I'm seeing more CA wildflowers simply because the weather is nice and I find myself outside enjoying the sunshine and looking for flowers that may have been there every winter.

  9. what a nice hike you had - I love that you found a family of deer. it is rare to see the buck traveling with the mother and child. the Manzanitia blossoms remind me of bleeding heart flowers. I think mother nature is all mixed up, thanks to us, and I think that finding a cairn is special. that's one of the best shadow shots I've seen lately. happy day to you.


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