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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flamingo Cupcake

I'll try this one again in the future when no cars are parked in front.

I've resigned myself to the fact that storefronts at night just look their best left in color, colors that are somewhat blah during daytime hours.

On another matter...
Curious if anyone has had trouble leaving comments on some of the blogs they follow. Two of the blogs I follow I have been unable to leave comments in the past couple weeks yet others have left comments. If you have had this problem and corrected it somehow, I'd like to know. I worked on it yesterday with no success. One blogger says she thinks she may have solved her same problem by switching to Google Chrome. Anyone?


  1. Hienoa Kuvausta.
    Valoja, värejä - tunnelmaa...!
    Talvi-Terveiset Eko

  2. yup, since switching to chrome, i've had no further issues... (at least for now!!!)

  3. Haven't had any issues with that, but I use Firefox as my browser. I tried Google Chrome, but had several issues with it and it seemed to really take over my computer so I uninstalled it.
    I think you are right about storefronts in color.

  4. Wonderful images you make!

  5. Great pictures again John.
    I use Chrome, it's a great browser, but sometimes has niggling issues.


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