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Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday at the Movies

We had our first real good rain of the winter season, enough to get the creeks flowing. This little video works it's way up the canyon of one of my favorite hiking routes stopping at various points to view the waters. Near the upper end of the canyon the water flow decreases soon topping out in False Lake Meadow.  Here it is quiet except for the happy frogs chirping away. This bit is a little longish at 45 seconds but I liked listening to the frogs. You won't get to see any as they quieted down as I approached. I did this at a different setting on the camera from previous videos and not as pleased with the results. Lesson - don't mess with what works.


  1. That video made me want to go on a hike too.
    Have a good weekend John! ;-)

  2. you posted this at a good time. we had good rains here this week, too, so i was able to hear water running in the creek beyond the pond for the first time in about a year. so i wasn't as green w/ envy as i would have been last week. :)

  3. Wonderful to watch John... the flowing water clips are lovely to see...
    I really would love to see your frogs .. we have nothing over here that croaks like that.

  4. Nicely done video. I have video function on my camera, but never think to use it! One of these days...

  5. Now, where did i put my boots. !!!!

    Lovely video, Well done


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