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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jesus Saves, Pay Here

I couldn't stop myself with the title for this post.

Here again black & white didn't make the impact as did the hellish glow of the color.

Pay Here, Wilson avenue.

I took quite a few pictures of this scene, many verticle with the parking garage along the right thinking it would look neat. Back home though it seemed to be just too much brightness and I felt it detracted from the overall photo.

So in this street level shot I cropped the garage out and removed half of the street and feel it looks better.

Now the whole point of the exercise was for black & white images but I am liking the colors in some of these shots. Makes it difficult to choose.

Tomorrow, goof-ups that turned out fun.


  1. i do like the color of the lights in these. :)

  2. I think you were right to crop the photo to get rid of the white light on the right. That left you with nice amber tones. The "P" parking sign is a great contrast in both the color and the black and white. I like its roundness, contrasting to all the straight lines. Fun to watch the progression.
    oooh. While writing I saw your camper on the right. How do you like it. We have a smaller one, a conversion van on a dodge ram truck. We like it for convenience but would like to go just a bit bigger. Do you have a slide-out? Yours looks like a good size.

  3. I think playing with photos is tons of fun. The colour is really important in the first photo, I think, and the b7w kind of flat in comparison. However, the rest of the photos all work well, to my way of thinking.

  4. Wonderful images to see.. the colour shots really leap out...

  5. The first and the last are my favorites. Love the title too.

  6. The first shot is cool! I also like the "pay here". ;-)

  7. I like these pictures, reminds me of my years in New York. I am Sicilian but grew up in the States. We also lived in Bangladesh and India for 10 years, so I feel like a gypsy. We are now back in Sicily. I am following you!

  8. This is a really good exercise, both in the B&W and the cropping. I like your night B&W shots, but I think you were right about the Jesus Saves one. It really does tell your story better in color.


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