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Friday, January 13, 2012

More Studying

Still playing practicing how to do black & white.
Darwin, CA. which is in the mountains west of Death Valley

I stumbled upon a different technique which may work better for buildings, or not.
It is not sepia although it does look like it.

 The sand dunes of Death Valley

Near home

Diner in Cut Bank Montana

Red Rock Canyon, CA.

Here is that same in a different way I stumbled upon which may not be so good for landscape.

Trying a bird.

The manzanita flower buds from the other day

Sunset at Lava Beds N.M.

What I am slowly getting into my head that there are numerous different ways to go about this. Also, the more you do the more confused you get. Clouds make it for the sky. No clouds, and it is empty looking. I like how the egret came out so white birds look good in B&W. I think like all photos, if what I had to work with was shot in the early morning or late in the day, they would be better. Most importantly I feel I've made some progress. Thanks for putting up with me and my homework. This weekend I am going to try something new for me. I am hoping it will work and yet not be too much work in the process. We'll see.


  1. the sepia is nice for a good rustic feel. but i do like the starkness and sharpness in B&W. :) keep 'em coming!

  2. Superb scenes for black & white. You may become the next Ansel Adams.

  3. I think the best part of this experiment is your willingness to take an adventure into unknown territory and play. I really like the sand dunes, and the diner. and the sepia version of the darwin post office. yeah, I agree with TWG, keep 'em coming. happy friday to you John.

  4. When I first clicked on this post John I went Wow! when viewing the first image..and after viewing all the images I still think thats the B&W I prefer probably because it's so like the pictures I remember seeing growing up..

    Have a great weekend..

  5. I really like the slightly golden hue of the non-sepia. :)

  6. Isn't photo-editing the most fun in the whole world! Great job.

  7. Study away, I love b&w, so I'm enjoying all the photos! My editing program has a setting called Platinum, which is between b&w & sepia... I really like it, it has a nice tone to it.

    My favorite shots here are the top 2, I love love love old buildings in b&w & platinum! =)

  8. I know what you mean about Sloot not coming out of an overseas prison alive, but from what I've heard, they like him down there... they say he's one of them & they get the guards to obtain beer & no telling what else for them... unreal! That Flores woman could very well have been related to any one of those prisoners, so how would they feel about him then? I get so angry every time I hear about this case... my daughter was just a year older than Natalee Holloway when she was murdered in Aruba, so I've followed this case since the beginning...

  9. Fascinating work in b&w!
    I love that sepia old post office shot!

  10. They are all amazing. Love the diner shot!

  11. Hey, those are really great! And yeah, I think b&w's often look better "warmed up" a bit, or however you did it. But now I've got to put Darwin on my list of places to visit. I've been to Rhyolite a couple times but somehow have never made it to Darwin. Amazing building!
    (((I couldn't get to Death Valley on my trip last fall because of an early freakish snowstorm, so I'm planning another, perhaps more leisurely trip in June if all goes well)))

  12. The Egret is stunning in black and white. Sharp, crisp, and with purpose. Seems you do a lot of practicing, and it pays off.

  13. sand dunes and flower buds... Simply Wow! All are beautiful but these are exceptional


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