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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week's words are stacked up, winter wonderland, sweet, hole, and  frozen.

stacked up
A yard-art piece I made from the pieces left over from a backyard paving project years ago.
There is no glue to it and it never falls over. Occasionally the top piece comes off from a bird landing on it.
You get two versions as I am learning about converting to black & white and need the practice.

winter wonderland
This was a tough one. I live in California so you have to cut me some slack here.
I had to get down to the macro level for any type of winter wonderland.
Frost covered lichen and moss on a rock is a winter wonderland for microbes.
A winter wonderland for the small life among plants, grasses
and dead leaves.

Naturally Sinbad first came to mind but I've used him enough for this meme.
And no sugarey things. I am trying to lose a couple of inches.
This ride is sweet, but I might be it bit bias as it is my motorcycle .

Ever see a hole with wings?
An art piece at a local resturant.
This is so perfectly balanced that with a touch of a finger or the slightest of breeze it rotates.

A bird bath by day, a skating rink at night. Nothing but the best for our backyard birds.

And that is this week's contribution to Ashley's


  1. Love the hole shot! The frozen shots are cool!

  2. Love the frozen shots and your stacked shot is cool. Not sure if I prefer the color or black and white

  3. Hi there - nice set of shots. I would have struggled to do ‘winter wonderland’ as well

    Stewart M - Australia.

  4. Beautiful shots you got there!
    I love the stack best :)!

  5. LOVE your stacked up, wow! And the leaf with the frost is great!

  6. i love the way you walk us thru your entries. :) that sculpture is pretty 'sweet' too!

  7. LOVE the macro shots you got for winter wonderland!

  8. well this is my favorite hunt I've seen so far. every single shot is truly pleasing to the eye. that stacked yard art you made is awesome - I prefer the color shot for some reason. love the wonderlands too - great frosty textures. that's a super nice bike. it's refreshing to see a bike that isn't a hog. I live in the Harley capital of the world, and summers around here are NOISY and LOUD. I'm totally enamored with hole. I can't get enough of that. and I really like the blue light in frozen. excellent job John. this was fun. happy day to you and Sinbad.

  9. These are fantastic - really love your stacked shot.

  10. Wonderful images John... your bike looks fantastic..

  11. I really like the dead leaf shot.

  12. Love your macro winter shots, very cool. Really like your last frozen shot, too.

  13. --Great Images.

    Love the golf balls in ice!

  14. Wonderful! I love the sculpture in the "Hole" shot.

  15. Great shots! I love the yard art you made!

  16. I have to agree with the comments already posted. My favorite picture is your winter wonderland picture of the frost. I attempted to take pictures of frost as we didn't have a winter wonderland when I took my pictures, however, I never thought to use the micro setting. I often forget my camera has settings other than Automatic!
    Thanks for the tip. Super pictures.

  17. This is a great set! I appreciated both the b&w and color versions of your "stacked" art. I kept going back and forth and I still can't decide which I like better. Oh and I love your bird bath/skating rink- priceless!

  18. Love the color version of stacked up. Nice!!

  19. You always come up with a creative post for the scavenger hunt. Perhaps one day I'll give it a try.

  20. Your first shot is fantastic, nice job.

  21. Love your yard art. Truly, love it. (I don't get the golf balls in the bird bath though ... esthetics? fun?) :)

  22. love your hole with wings...stacked stones and frost! nicely done!


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