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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Signs, Signs

A little bit different offering  for Lesley's


  1. Nice one! Though it never ceases to amaze me how much noise even experienced bird-watchers make.
    For me it looks just like any wetland reserve - then those mountains sneak in just at the end!

  2. This was a great take on the signs!
    I often wonder what causes birds to suddenly, en masse, fly off and am fascinated by their swooping and diving.
    Thank you for participating in signs, signs.

  3. very clever. first the warning; then the demonstration.

  4. That was fun! And I like the warning.
    I have been searching for a quieter jacket to wear when hiking, because these newer (and lightweight, more comfortable fabrics) make too much of a rustling noise when I walk. When I can, I try to wear sweaters.

  5. So cleverly edited video, I like it very much. I am sure the birds appreciate it too.


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