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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Silent Storefronts

Continuing on into the night and I'll spare you all the technical details this time.

These ladies are on the job all night long.
I like the bag of trash off to the side which I didn't notice at the time.

A seperate photo moving in some.
She's cute and I bet she doesn't talk much either.

An empty store. The blue light begged for it to be left in color.

Someone mentioned to me about Picassa having all these new tools to play with. I was unaware and updated my Picassa. Well among the items in the toybox is one called HDR-ish. I don't know how to do HDR but now I have an easy way to get the effect by just one simple click. Of course I understand one simple click doesn't really do HDR justice just like one simple click to convert to black & white doesn't, which is what I am trying to get away from. Anyway, here you are and I probably won't go there again.

Here again as with the others above, shooting from the car resting the camera on the window frame doesn't cut it for a 2 second exposure.

Also, black and white may not always be the best choice for night shots. I prefer this color version.
I cropped out a bright doorway on the right side in the b&w above, and here I did a bit more removing the parking sign.

I am not done yet...


  1. getting the most out of your early morning foray. love your ladies of the evening...

  2. I love the store front windows in black and white. Amazing, gee it must be worth getting up that early!

  3. Hahaha, what a fun post!
    The cute lady was posing for you, lucky man! ;-)

  4. A wonderful post John..
    I was going to say a lot more (re quiet women) but bottled out.
    Lovely images..

    Thanks fot pointing out my use of the word "old" a couple of posts ago..(put together in a bit of a rush)....
    I have also been back to count the bricks in the village but lost count around 2 million.:-) lol

  5. Excellent set of photos, i like how picassa has tried and not exactly got it with the HDR look. the little hut in colour does it for me, really nice.

  6. Looks like you're doing some good practice lately! I like your bw conversions - I don't want to hear that you don't know what you're doing. :)

  7. These are amazing. That first shot is great.

  8. Ah yes, the willing subjects behind store windows... About time for me to head to downtown San Rafael again and shoot the ladies at the wig store... There's quite an eclectic group...

    And looks like you are having great fun with your Picassa... Bet it can do a lot of the stuff that the full-blown Photoshop does.

    Sounds like we both agree that it's easiest to only use our tripods when absolutely necessary... So many things to brace our cameras on... And I hate to admit it but I get some of my best shots right out the car door... That door-frame makes a great "mono-pod"... 2 seconds is pushing it, of course...

    Yeah, black and white conversions can get really involved. I've never mastered the process-- I just use the simplest method--I hit the desaturate button... Not the correct way but it works...

    And yeah, I was going to get a cable release until I found out that they are electronic and now cost $40 for my camera... So, what I've been doing is using a combination of the self-timer and "mirror-lockup"... When that mirror slaps up it can actually shake the camera, so with mirror-lockup the mirror is already up before the shutter opens...

    Several months ago I upgraded from my old Canon5D to the 5D-Mark2... Some nice improvements... And I had to rob a bank but I got a new super dooper 70-200 zoom, the second generation (II) "L" f-2.8 with image stabilization... It replaces my old f-4 first generation "L" which was definitely a bit soft in comparison... I'm really happy with this new lens--vignettes like crazy and has some barrel distortion, but it's tack sharp if I use it properly...

    So, now I'm inspired to do some night shooting... Maybe I can find a lingerie shop and get my freak on... (((LOL)))

  9. I love seeing all the fun you are having. Yes, the trash bag does add to the top photo!

  10. I'm just not used to seeing city shots from you, John, but I love them, especially from the down-low-middle-of-the-street perspective. Color or B&W ... either is great.


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