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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Waste Management

Across the street from...

...the music store.

While taking some shots of the above scene (I was messing around with the histogram which gave it this colored effect) a trash truck came up from behind and I let the camera do it's thing, the result of which is...

Not long after my post yesterday ending about the problems with leaving comments on certain blogs I follow, the problem resolved itself magically. This is after two weeks of frustration. My only guess is that someone at Google follows my blog, saw what I wrote and fixed it for me. (yeah, right) Thank you Google guy.
I still haven't switched over the Google Chrome.


  1. I need to spend some time in town at night practicing my night shots and getting the lighting and exposure right. Nice work.

  2. It's always cool to photograph at night, isn't it?! I love it and I can see you are having fun too!
    This evening I'll meet some friends for night shots. ;-)

  3. I switched from firefox to Google Chrome because firefox kept crashing on me. Chrome works pretty well but now and then I am frustrated with it. It must just be me. Computers make me feel so guilty like I am always doing something wrong. lol. Great mysterious night shots. Love the garbage truck. I can 't believe I'm saying that.

  4. i like the truck - almost looks like a train.

    i'm sticking with chrome. might as well. i'm blogger, gmail, google+ already. oh, yeah. android phone, too. might as well go to chrome to keep it all in the fam...

  5. I love long exposures at night. Love your night pics, John. Thanks, by the way, by taking care of the comment problem. :)

  6. Great night exposures .. that truck is awesome!

  7. Another 4:30 in the morning jaunt, John? I have to say I'm partial to lonely night shots. So Edward Hopper.

  8. very cool night shots...

    i've been using google chrome & haven't had near as many problems as i had w/ internet explorer or firefox...


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