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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What is This and Lesson Learned

Seen at the flea market Sunday. If you live in the south or along the east coast you may know.
scroll down for the answer

Meanwhile, while you are scrolling, in learning myself about better ways to convert to black & white I learned something else instead yesterday. I had spent way too much time on the computer doing more research and working on old photos refining the black & white process. By the time I decided to make a post for Barn Charm I was tired and bleary-eyed. I hastily threw something together and the second photo really shows it. I wasn't happy with it but put it in anyway and walked away. Later when I came to my senses, rather than remove it I decided to leave it in and maybe others can learn from it. This (yes, click here)  is what happens when you do things on your blog at a time you really shouldn't be.

The man told me it was for cutting tobacco and dated back to the early 1800's.
That was the only item of interest this week. Well there may have been others but the warm sunny weather brought out many more sellers and hoards of people. Too much and I didn't linger around.
No hot dog this time.


  1. re: the barn, you're too hard on yourself! goofball!

    as for knowing the mystery item, nope, no tobacco exposure for me!


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