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Saturday, January 7, 2012

What a Marvelous Age We Live In

I detest those air hand driers in public restrooms. Not only does the loud hurricane force noise hurt my ears but they simply do not do the job of drying your hands. Well I guess they would if you stood there long enough but my hearing cannot tolerate it plus I got better things to do than stand around in stinky public restrooms. So usually I time it just right to dart out the door when someone else comes in or leaves and swing my arms around madly outside as I walk back to the car.
The other day I was confronted with the next generation of air hand drier.
I am sure it was less than 12 seconds and my hands were dry with no jet turbine noise to set my ears ringing for the next half an hour. You stick your hands straight down into it and move them up and down. The "400mph" wind is coming out from thin narrow slots just above the yellow line on both sides of your hands and so they easily stay centered. This baby works!

Oh the little things in life that just make my day.


  1. i would be hesitant to stick my hands down into anything that looked like a dyson vaccuum! :)

  2. Oh I used one of these in some obscure road stop on the way to San Diego from Tucson - they do work!

  3. I'd like to try it, here we only have the noisy dryers... ;-)

  4. Brilliant to see John, I have them in my local Supermarket.
    What will they think of next?

  5. You are right about those Dyson dryers. They work. He thinks things should "work properly."

  6. the building where I was taking the master gardener training classes had a similar sign, and air dryers. It was maddening - they shut off every 7 seconds and then turned back on; my hands never got dry, plus I prefer a towel with which to grab the door handle. (I'm a germaphobe).
    These are intriguing. I'm wondering how long it will take for them to show up in the Midwest. There's sometimes a bit of a delay for that cutting-edge sort of thing to reach us here in the heartland.
    this is good to know - the hand blower that actually works. happy weekend to you John.
    (and the story about the caper at the museum was true - every word of it!)

  7. I can't remember where I used one of these too some time back. I still want a towel if I have to open a door though.

  8. I don't like those drier things either.
    That one does sound like it could change my view :)

  9. I love LOVE the Dyson technologies... and this dryer, which I first experienced in a Whole Paycheck.. er, Whole Foods, led me to perchance dream of stepping out of the shower into a WHOLE BODY DRYER... that would be heavenly!

  10. I haven't seen one of these, but I'm looking forward to a hand dryer that actually works in a reasonable period of time.

  11. Ha! I have used these hand dryers and they really are amazing!


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