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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Big Red Found

As I said I would, I went back and searched him out, only I didn't haul in camera gear. Figured if I had camera with me I wouldn't find him. Leave camera home and I would locate him. Worked out just like I figured. It rained yesterday so back out I went again, with camera and tripod, to photograph him once more knowing he looks better wet and to try a bit different technique this time.

I didn't notice the pine needle on it at the time but now it seems okay as it gives a bit of size reference.

From the side which allowed me to get a bit lower.

That's about the best I can do. I just have this nagging feeling a better picture can be had but I don't what else to try. I did try the flash once and that was a definite not good.

And I found some more of those jelly popcorn like fungus. I see the Kool-Aid kid in it. Do you?
Weird stuff, these no larger than a dime.


  1. Interesting fungus. Glad you went back with your camera.

  2. Очень интересные грибы, я таких не видела. Удачный поход!

  3. I do like that red fungi, that is cool.

  4. That is one red fungus! I'm glad you went back.

  5. A wonderful Fungi to see John.. It's so rich in colour..

  6. these are so cool
    I love the Kool-Aid Kid things

  7. I never new that the colors could be so vivid until I saw this and your other post. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Yes, the pine needle does help five a sense of scale. It surely is RED. Is it shiny because it's wet...or is it shiny even when dry?

  9. Very interesting looking fungi. I wonder if they are poisonous?

  10. Love Big Red. The pine needle helps a bit, but just how big is he??


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