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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Deer & Ticks

I see deer most every time I venture into Annadel State Park, and usually do not take their photo. This time I did for no other reason than to just snap the shutter. Back home reviewing my photos I really took notice of all the ticks these poor beasts are plagued with. This must be extremely irritating for them.
Can you imagine how engorged with blood these ticks are to cause the fur on the deer to stick out so?


  1. Poor deer, it's said that there's a reason for eveything in Nature, for me it's hard to understand many of them.
    Have a good weekend John! ;-)

  2. Dear John!

    It became very beautiful photos! Did I read correctly that the deer is plagued by ticks?

    You know my english is not so good..
    Can we recognize the fur of the animal?

    I like Bambi!!!!!
    Synke ;-)

  3. oh dear deer! yikes! my dogs pick them up, but at least i can pick them off!

  4. That is sad...it's just like the cows you see that have to deal with swarms of flies picking at their faces!

  5. Thats not a good look for Bambi.... poor girl

  6. Poor ol' things. I just took a tic off of my dog last night. Years ago we would never have found tic on the dog in the winter. It's distressing that you see them all year around these days.

  7. I'm catching up with some post that I missed this weekend. Your photos are beautiful John and I am amazed you didn't scare him/her off with your shutter. (Or did you have some huge lens on your camera?)


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