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Friday, February 3, 2012

Fungi Follies

I was out Wednesday tracking down those elusive fungi and mushrooms once again.
I found this, one I have never seen before.
Back home though I wasn't satisfied with the images I had and so I went back out yesterday to photograph it again trying some different methods with settings and light. Well of course I could not locate it. I tromped around in the area for well over an hour and nothing. So I turned my attention to some other individuals in an effort to make the trip worthwhile.

I was down in all the wet (I brought something to kneel on this time - I am learning a few things) working these new macro tricks on this mushroom when my tripod fell over.

It was a gentle face plant from a very low height into the wet mossy undergrowth. The front of my macro lens was now all wet. I dried and cleaned the lens, set everything back up (no easy task), got back in focus, remade my setting adjustments and picked up the remote cable release. It was broke. It must of snapped off during the fall. So I packed everything up and sulked back to the car.
(the above shot is not the best but I couldn't take anymore considering what just occurred) 

Back home I downloaded what I had and discovered I had the very same images of these bracket fungi as from the day before. And those images from that day are right in order after the big red shelf fungi. This is where the camera took a tumble, so Big Red was right there near me...somewhere.
Naturally, I'm going back in search of Big Red again. 
I just hope my wife will lend me here remote shutter release. She has a fancy wireless one.
Now just not to lose it in all the wet moss and leaf litter. Oh I will I know. I spent five minutes looking for a lens cap yesterday.


  1. Oh dear, that was not a successful outing at all! But I love your fungi photos and look forward to seeing more once you clean yourself off and go off on another trek.

  2. ha ha! don't be losing any wifey gear!

  3. I have done this myself John.. returning to retake pics of fungi that look like will last forever.. and their gone just like that!

  4. Oh the humanity!!! I can relate to days like that, fortunately they don't seem to come to often. Better luck on the next one. That big red one is amazing.

  5. That is dedication going back to re-take photos is dedication. As you know i am a fan of the fungi photography. I especially like that first one.

  6. The adventures and perils of photographing! I've never seen anything like that red one before - pretty neat!

  7. LOL! The Adventures of John. LOVE the red mushroom--if that doesn't scream "don't eat me" I don't know what does. So sorry about the shutter release and toppled camera, but understand. Hope you find "Big Red" again. Have a happy weekend.

  8. That's the first red mushroom I've ever seen.

  9. Seems it was not your day. Be careful that Big Red doesn't turn into your Moby Dick. I think he(?) looks like Chinese lacquer work. Amazing.

  10. Love that shot of the single mushroom at eye level, it is wonderful! Come on over and enter it in 'Weekly Top Shot.' We're on Week #16, I'd love to see you share with me and my readers! Here's this weeks' link: http://www.theviewfromrighthere.com/blog/?p=6115

  11. Looks like this is a great time of year for you to look for fungi!


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