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Friday, February 17, 2012

Indians and Idgets

This is my usual first stop riding into Annadel State Park. It is after a long hard slog uphill for 1.5 miles and a nice place to rest and get a drink of water. Notice the large rock to the left.

I have stopped here dozens of times and never really paid any attention to this rock before. But being filled with rainwater I finally noticed for the first time, seed grinding holes left behind by Native Americans hundreds of years ago. Pretty neat.

A few hundred yards further is a rock pile left behind by the park service for trail maintenance.
Someone put the rocks to an artistic use. Pretty neat again.

I knew this wouldn't last for long. Some nincompoop will come by and knock it down. As I continued on my way I saw three nimrods coming up the road, shirtless, hats on backwards (there is a sure sign), no helmets, pushing their BMX bikes (a first for me to see BMX bikes here) up the hill. I knew then the rock sclupture was doomed.
On my way back after I made my loop I was surprised to find only the top rock missing. Perhaps one of the morons had a wee bit of sense and told his dimwitted buddy to leave it alone for others to enjoy.
We can only hope.


  1. it lives to see another day - or another idgit...

  2. Amazing what you can tell about history, just from the rocks. Seed grinding holes left so long ago, and still there for you to photograph.

  3. Love those rocks! Hoping they stay put for a while. And how cool is it to discover the old grinding holes?

  4. Good bit of observation to notice those holes. In the more mountainous bits of the UK cairns (just heaps of rocks) are often used to mark the less obvious paths. In snow they can save your skin. But still morons come along and knock them down and, even more annoyingly, build them in other places where they indicate nothing at all.

  5. Its fascinating to see that local history from hundreds of years ago can be right under our noses and we pass it everyday.

  6. What a cool find! And it's just right there in the open. :)
    I like the stacked rock sculpture too. I'm glad the other ones didn't knock it down.

  7. I happen to know you are one of those who observe most anything if it has to do with nature or history. Wow, what a find. I have a lot of rocks around my yard. I hope to get some more to add to the collection. Thanks for the idea.


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