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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lunch at Keyes Creek

At Keyes Creek which flows into Tomales Bay I pulled off to the side of the road to eat my sandwich. I watched as these Mergansers slowly drifted upstream with the current (the tide was coming in). Funny to watch them drift along with their butts up in the air as they watched for anything underwater tasty to eat. This is around 100 yards away so the quality isn't that great.

Next up came a sheep with her young lamb who was very careful as to not allow mom get to far ahead. Baa, baa...  There were no other sheep anywhere to be seen and I think these two had strayed away. Or rather mom strayed off and junior just followed mom. Baa, baa, baa...

All the while I enjoyed my lunch this cormorant remained perched on the rusted trestle of a long ago washed away bridge.

Naturally there is always your resident Great Blue Heron nearby


  1. beautiful cormorant! love the sheepies!!!

  2. A lovely post John... It's freezing over here at the moment and my weekend has so far been a disaster.

  3. That heron is stunning, really good capture. and that lamb is so adorable

  4. You chose an excellent spot to eat your sandwich! I think I may have found a spot like this this afternoon but I won't know till spring. Not much happening there today. :)

  5. Is this the same creek the Coho salmon use to find their way into Tomales Bay?


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