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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Monday Mural - South Park

Another mural in the same part of town as last week's mural Running Free.
It is located in a nice little park that seems respected and well cared for by the neighborhood locals which is nice.
 Moved in for some closer shots to admire the talent of the artists involved.
I think maybe they are honoring some of the locals responsible for bettering their community.
Sure hope these aren't famous people I should have known of.

This is linked to Oakland Daily Photo Monday Mural


  1. It's always nice to see real people honored for their work. I have to admit my ignorance if national leaders are represented here. Except maybe the center guy who looks a lot like Cesar Chavez. Don't worry, John, someone will set us straight. That's one of the beauties about the CDP world. Thanks for joining Monday Mural again this week.

  2. Sorry I can't help you with the identification of the people in the mural. The kid in painting has them all on his mind. They must have been role models for him and community.

  3. That is a great piece of work, lovely made.

  4. I loved the use of the bubbles for placement of the faces! The colors are beautiful and the representation of a lovely flower garden is very nice.

  5. I agree with Linda. The idea of a kid blowing bubbles as a way of including profiles of community elders is an inspiration. It is a massive mural, and I am glad it has not been tagged ... yet.

  6. It was a good idea to honor people this way. ;-)

  7. really nice. i like the blowing bubbles idea...

  8. Wonderful to see ...
    I hope it's appreciated..

  9. Beautiful mural.

    Regards and best wishes

  10. What a mural!! Love coming across them...both in real life and in blogging.


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