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Thursday, February 9, 2012


After Big Red that day I looked around for other specimens and found this delicate little fellow only a couple inches tall standing by itself so proudly.

Here is the entire scene. I would like to give a big thank you to Katie at Nature ID who told me the common name for the fungi I said looked like popcorn...are you ready?...Witch's Butter. Isn't that a cool name? In the UK they are known as Yellow Brain Fungus. I like our name better. Click here for a better picture of Witch's Butter at the bottom of yesterday's post. And do click on Katie's link above to read more about this unique fungus.

Nearby these little guys about the size of a button on your shirt had recently emerged from the leafy forest floor.

Back I hiked to the car and wouldn't you know, right at the trail head stood the best mushroom photo op to be found. I took a passel of pictures hoping for a few good ones. This is about it. It was on a slope and just no other angle to photograph it presented itself. This was a bit taller around 3 inches.
On another blog I follow the blogger lamented her difficulty in getting a sharp picture of yellow flowers as they are always "blown out and unfocused". Maybe this is why I have trouble with the Witch's Butter. Anyone know about the color yellow and DSLR's not getting along?


  1. i like your foresty mosses and leaves.

  2. Don't know about the yellow but I have had the some problem on occasion. The yellow must reflect the light more intensely. Great mushrooms again! Love that last shot the best.

  3. Love that last shot. Such rich color.

  4. Thanks for the blog nod, John. Again, I think your photographs are great!

  5. You have found a great funghi forest and are definitely using it to your advantage and our pleasure. Keep those shrooms coming.

  6. Very nice crisp images, that little due stating on his own is really nice.

  7. Great images, John! Brilliant colour contrasts and very sharp.

  8. Enjoying your "shrooms".
    You have trouble with yellow, I have issues with red.


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