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Monday, February 6, 2012

Mr. Kingfish

I sat by the bay taking pictures of cormorants and more unaware off to my right sat this Belted Kingfisher with his freshly caught lunch. I took a few pictures then patiently waited for him to swallow his lunch or fly off with it still in his beak. I waited and I waited all the while peering through the viewfinder.

Finally he turned, to look at me I suppose. "Something is going to happen."

Then he turned again and I waited some more.

By now I am getting a real kink in my neck scrunched down in the car seat resting the camera on the window. He turned back to his original position and resumed just sitting there.

After about 20 minutes of this I gave up and moved on down the road.


  1. You certainly know how to write a exciting story, haha. Sorry the Kingfisher didn't give you the shot you wanted, I do like the ones you did get.

  2. ha ha!

    (after your wisecrack about our fancy texas barns...)

  3. LOL. Darn that kingfisher. He seems to have a little OCD. Good shots anyhow!

  4. Hi John...What wonderful photo opp. that was ..I love the one where he is looking right at you with the fish hanging out, and the one with the crest on his head sticking right up...!
    I would imagine that fish a little big almost big has he is ; }
    Maybe ihe didn't know what to do with it!! lol
    Nice : }

  5. Twenty minutes, that's about 15 minutes more patience i have with bird and trying to photograph them. I love the little mohawk in the 3rd photo. real nice bird

  6. Oh wow, that's about the coolest bird I've ever seen. It's amazing what world opens up to me through the Internet. Glad you caught him.

  7. If he swallows that fish then that's one Belted Kingfisher who's gonna have to loosen his belt!

  8. These are great. First time I've ever seen one.

  9. I don't think I have ever seen a King Fisher either. What a vibrant blue they are. You should of set up camp there for a few days to gain trust from you feather friends.

  10. amazing blog! love all your photos.

  11. Wow! The kingfishers around here never let me get that close! Wonderful shots!

  12. one of my nemesis birds to photograph! man, they taunt me so badly! Good shots!


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