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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mushrooms and Fungi #2

More mushrooms and fungi. Not only are they fascinating to observe but they also provide the "thrill of the hunt" and are a challenge to photograph.

I've not seen a fungi before colored as this one is. It was very hard to the touch.

I've since learned that these are called Turkey Tails, and I can see why.

I've come across this brilliant orange specimen twice. No larger than a quarter, they are like a large kernal of popped corn. They are very moist and glisten in the light. I have tried taking many shots of these but none really show their beauty in detail and color as the contrast is so great blurring out the definition. I'll keep trying and maybe luck out just one time.
Or I can always use my point & click camera. You can go to this post to see what I mean by that.

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  1. Very interesting shots..fungi can actually be very colorful!

  2. Great finds. The fungi looks like a melted gummy bear.

  3. those turkey tails are gorgeous! :)

  4. The kids took me on an 8 mile...1000foot die in elevation...forced march yesterday. We was lots of the Turkey Tails new, but none of the others. Bud and our friend, John, are super mushroom discoverers. They are always finding them.Your photos are so pretty in the way they are showing off their colorful “coats.” A great contribution. genie

  5. one of my favorite photo subjects lately too...these are beautiful photos!

  6. I'm not sure what I'm thinking of is exactly the same as your "turkey tail", because I've never seen one that colorful, but those might also be called "artist's conch". The ones I'm familiar with are white when young and brown when old. The Wikipedia says that they are called artist conches because:
    A peculiarity of this fungus lies in its ability to be as a drawing medium for artists. When the surface is rubbed or scratched with a sharp implement, it changes from light to dark brown, producing visible lines and shading.

  7. The Turkey Tails are beautiful!
    Regarding your comment, the portrait I posted today was originally taken in BW.;-)

  8. I like those Turkey Tails. It has been so dry this year that I haven't seen as many fungi as last year.

  9. Great Turkey Tail photo, and that moist orange one is bizarre; never seen anything like it!

  10. Hi there - fungi really do seem to have an alien quality to them.

    I've also struggled to take pictures of some of the bright ones.

    Very nice series of images!

    Stewart M - Australia

  11. Beautiful fungi pictures. Amazing what you can find growing about if you look hard enough.

    Herding Cats

  12. I so love fungi. Use to hunt for it as a kid ... the morel edible kind ... so good fried up! Great shots! Love that turkey tail detail.
    BTW, check my post tomorrow ... I'll divulge (well, almost) the number of sunset pics! LOL!

  13. You are making me wish for spring so I can find such beauties...or at least try to find some.

  14. Beautiful photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  15. How interesting. I like the Turkey Tails and that last shot was really cool.

  16. I love your image of Turkey Tails - the colors and selective focus are wonderful.

    Happy MM


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