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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Not a Place You'd Want to Be During a Storm

I hadn't been out on Two Quarry Trail in a couple of years and was surprised to find recent tree falls.
This tree had just fallen a couple weeks ago from the right side edge of the trail and then slid across.
Looking down into the creek ravine.
Notice the shallow root system these big conifers have and you can understand how easily it is for them to come down during a big storm.
Looking back up the trail.
A few feet further looking up the steep hill where a trio fell together.
This whole mountainside is at 45 degrees or more.
A few feet further on and these two trees blocked the trail completely.
This happened in the fall of 2010.
Another fallen soldier taken out when his buddies next to him went down..
I don't understand why go through the bother cutting up two of the trees spanning the ravine.
Why not leave them like the one that is still there in one piece?

Just as I was riding off the thought of a video crossed my mind. Stopped again, took off my gloves and slowly walked back through the snapshots with the video going. At 30 seconds we gaze skyward at some Redwoods which could be terminal if another big blow comes through. Just as we view the little trickle of a creek I notice the battery in the camera petering out on me so the last 30 seconds is a bit rushed. I think too this may be why the video is a little herky jerky. Those are misty rain specks on the lens at the end. Time to get out of there.


  1. It's the same over here John... we lost some wonderful old trees recently and I was so surprised to see how shallow the roots were..

  2. those tall trees would not give comfort during a windstorm. :) the cut-thru for the path is interesting. but i love all the moss you have there!

  3. Didn't I read somewhere that John Muir once climbed a tree like that to 'ride it' during a storm! I guess he chose one with deeper roots!

  4. They're HUGE! Amazing! The video is way cool & looks like the terrain is moving, I mean other than you walking alone, that's neat!

    I think you hit the nail on the head w/ naming the horse Dag-nab-it, too funny! =)

  5. I enjoyed the sound of the trickling water and the look of the moss. I bet that path is slippery when it's wet!

  6. You were biking? That looks like a fun bike ride and then adding photography - a perfect day!

  7. Awesome!
    Love the Redwoods.

  8. Excellent images, i do nt think i would want to be in the way of this tree when it did fall.

  9. We lost many trees this year due to tornadoes, a hurricane and a freak snowstorm. They don't have that much keeping them stuck into the ground sometimes. Terrific pics and video. I love the moss on the rocks toward the end of the video.

  10. Probably not, but it looks like a great hike.

  11. The clairity of this video is simply amazing!
    Wow, what a great post. I love trees and glad I live close to them. Not under them, just close. Yeah well there is a GIANT redwood in backyard. Yikes...


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