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Friday, February 17, 2012

A Public Service Annoucement

Blogger has changed things. For those bloggers who have word verification on their comment page, we viewers are now faced with a two-word input, coupled with deciphering some gobblygook letters in order to leave a comment on your blog. So what was once a minor annoyance has now become a major irritation. To better explain the situation we are faced with and the easy remedy for it, I cannot say it any better than TexWisGirl does in her post Word Verification Woes.

So this post is to inform those bloggers that I follow that have word verification added to their comments page, more than likely I will not be leaving any comments from now on. It is just too time consuming when you add up a fair number of blogs followed notwithstanding the frustration of having typed in the goofy blurred-out word incorrectly. Be assured I will still be viewing your posts as you make them so know I am still here but just silent. As for the other blogs I follow that do not have word verification on their comments, I will continue to leave comments of praise and the occasional silliness to your posts.

I thank you for your understanding in this matter and I now return you to my regularly scheduled blogging.

John &  >^..^<


  1. A wonderful statement John...
    Why oh why do they make the simple things in blogging life so difficult..

  2. Amen, brother. I vaguely wondered why I was now seeing two word verification, but assumed it was another choice added to the verification menu. Duh. You do have to wonder what happened that caused Blogger to take this new step.

    I went to TexWisGirl's blog and she already has 103 comments all saying "hurrah." I guess she hit a nerve. Francisca persuaded me into cancelling word verification a few months ago and I haven't had any problems so far.

  3. I'd noticed they had gotten longer. That and I've had comments get caught in spam filters now, more than ever. Annoying! If you have missing comments, check your spam filter, you may find them there.

    I haven't read your link yet, but I'm going to see if I can remove the word verification thing if that's an option. I'm not quite sure how I'm set up.

  4. I agree its so annoying...surely its NOT that hard to enable the spam Ive had a few weird comments I just delete them.

  5. One click will delete an adverse comment

  6. so that's the deal, huh? as I haven't been blogging much or even visiting, this makes things even messier. One thing I have noticed is how slow Google Reader has become - and that's a huge reason why I've cut down on blogging/visiting. It takes forever to load and though I've researched possible reasons for it, all I can come up with is it's the Google+ deal - just more information mining, etc. by Google. word verification? I won't even consider leaving a comment. what is the world coming to?

  7. Thanks, John (and twg, the queen of blogspot blogging)! I sent in a complaint to google about how difficult the new CAPTCHAS are, because it certainly has kept me from commenting, too. And their "learn more" link about word verification doesn't link to anything. Odd thing is I'm getting more real spam caught in the filter these past few weeks. It's all annoying, but I still like having and using a free blogspot site, even over WordPress, TypePad, and others.

  8. Word verification seems to be the default setting so you don't really know if you have it or not if you always look at your blog signed in. Seems I have (had!)
    You're right though, it is difficult to read - nearly as difficult as it is to get rid off!!! I think it's gone :)


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