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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Why Bother?

Today I rode my mountain bike 8 miles deep into the forest to see if there were any mushrooms or fungi making it worthwhile to hike in lugging all my camera gear. I spotted this one mushroom a few miles in just off the trail. I stopped and took a couple pictures with my point and click. Back home I uploaded the pictures into the computer and asked myself, "Why do I bother with my big DSLR, expensive macro lens, heavy tripod, fiddling with settings and lighting when my little Canon point and click takes pictures like this...hand held?"
All are straight out of the camera, set on Auto, with no photoshop tweaking.
 Really, photography is maddening.

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  1. That's the way it is..

  2. I'm beginning to wonder myself. Except I just love the feel of my big old Nikon. Terrific pics though. I really love that last one.

  3. funny. i went for a drive today. took the camera bag w/ the dslr and 300mm lens. used the point and shoot the whole time...

  4. I think your point and shoot is amazing! Wonderful shots!

  5. Great mushroom photos! Point and shoot cameras are great when they take fabulous pictures like this. :)

  6. Its all about light. Yours was good. I like the one looking up into the shroom.

  7. If I could find a small point and shoot that has a view finder, I'd use it all the time. I cannot get used to taking pictures using the LED screen.

  8. Wonderful find. Amazing how things look so differently through a camera. I especially like that last shot. Such wonderful details of the mushroom can be seen in that photo. Awesome Job!!

  9. If the sun is shining then point and shoot is as good as any.
    Love the last picture, low down and dirty.

  10. It's good to travel light sometimes...and I have seen some stunning images taken with a point and shoot.
    These prove the point.

  11. What a great capture of textures and tones. Lovely.


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