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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Carboniferous Canyon

   After the last rainstorm period ended I went out to the forest to see what I could see. I took my macro lens and tripod along on the hunt for rain drops on plants pictures. After a short way I stepped off the trail to photograph something. Then a few steps further in for something else that caught my eye. And again, deeper into the forest for another plant, flower or mushroom. One subject after another kept drawing me into the forest, to an area I had never been before. As I neared the top of a ridge I could hear the sound of running water on the other side. "Oh, this needs to be investigated."
   I only had to go about 100 yards when I stepped into a scene straight out of prehistoric time. The narrow canyon was more lush than any I had been in before. Moss covered trees were down straddling the ravine in all directions. All the ferns, moss and trees were dripping wet. A narrow milky stream cascaded over rocks down through the jumbled mass of vegetation and out of sight. I just stood there thinking to myself, "Oh my goodness. This is amazing." 
   And there I stood, taking it all in and nothing with me to record what I was seeing. I had left my movie making camera back in the car as well my wide angle lens. The 105mm macro was useless for this.
   I hiked back out to the car just to get my video camera and another lens then returned. It was worth it I felt just to record what I discovered.
 This video really doesn't capture the beauty and moment as it really was. It is the best my little camera could do in the hands of a novice cinematographer.
The sun was breaking through and creating too much contrast when I returned.
I planned to go back earlier the next morning and try again.

(days later) I went back. Not once, but twice, on two separate days coming home with unsatisfying footage so I decided to stick with the original above.
I may try again.


  1. i do love how lush those ferns are and downed trees covered in moss... the running stream just makes it perfect.

  2. I know you were thrilled to find it - but it is frustrating when the camera can't convey what we see! Love the shots and the running stream!


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