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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cleaning House

It is day 1 of what Weather.com shows as a long string of rainy days to come. Among other things done while confined to the house was clean out, dump and reorganize photo files into a somewhat orderly manner. Now having done that I am left with only one folder of material to use for the blog. This was from my last day out hiking so I might be somewhat frugal with the pictures for the next few days. 


  1. Loved the yellow flowers...buttercups? I wasn't sure...also really liked the patch of sunlight in the first one. So inviting...and nice for you to look at if you are in for a few days of rain!

  2. i like the 2nd shot, with the craggy branch in the back. nice!

    good to clean out the cobwebs now and again!

  3. sweet photos, with the second being my favourite this time.

  4. It's great how you can go back and find beautiful shots that you may have missed before. Cleaning house is good.

  5. I've visited so many sites where they talk about the coming rains and I laugh because I take rain for granted. We seem to get it for weeks at a time. I guess you'd do the same if I said the same about snow. Glad you had time to go through your photos. I love the lone clover in the light. Beautiful.


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