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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Discovered Waterfall & Newts

I had never seen or even knew this fall was in the canyon as I had never climbed in as far before. At this point the canyon wall to the left is near verticle, impossible to scale. The side I was on was sloped about what you can see on the bottom right corner. So with slippery leaves underfoot, very soft ground giving way and most the hand holds to limbs turning out to be unsecured downed tree branches..."whoa!",  the thought was running through my mind I have no business being here. If I were to go tumbling down no one would be able to hear me over the noise of the rushing water. And besides, no one was out and about anyway near where I was.
Time for this boy to go home.

All along I had been seeing newts. They love this these conditions. Being as I was very careful with my footing I could easily see one of these critters moving along before stepping on it. It was the newly hatched little fellows only two inches long that I worried about. One could very well be under a leaf and I would not know about it. I sure hope I never stepped on any.

Disclaimer: Last year I referred to this as a Rough Skinned Newt. This year it is California Newt. Next year it will probably be Pacific Newt. They all look the same to me.
Hard to see, huh?

Just as I was climbing out of the canyon I saw one more. So while taking a break I videoed this guy crawling along. Notice how his feet slip on a leaf. He too is having a difficult time climbing up. Towards the end of the video I shift the camera to my other hand, inadvertently covering the microphone, at the same time trying to switch positions so as to get a head-on view of the newt. Just then I start losing my footing and quickly shut down filming. Fun stuff.


  1. that newt IS hard to see, but I found him. I love that you recorded a video of him/her walking - a slithering shuffle and very cute to watch.
    I hope you have a cell phone with you when you go on these jaunts. Uh, 127 Hours??? You could slip, slide, and end up at the bottom of a canyon and lay there unconscious for a day.
    You could also take Sinbad with you and he could phone home for you, in the event of you losing unconsciousness. Now wouldn't that just be the raspberries? If our kitties could do that for us we'd be all set. Love your flowing water shots. happy day to you and little orange fur-ball. (I was at the vet the other day and there was a photo of Sinbad's "twin" on the "looking for a home" bulletin board. I'm not kidding - he looked like Sinbad when you're trying to take his photo, with same colors/markings/long hair - adorable).

  2. he's cute. i like his little orangish feet. :)

  3. As a child (7/8) we used to catch tadpoles and newts for fun in the ponds of our village.
    During the 1960's these ponds were replaced by housing and my interests changed to the female species.

    I am now really struggling to re-create those childhood memories as I haven't seen a newt for over 40 years...

  4. What an interesting little guy. I'm glad you took a little video. Very brave you are!

  5. The grandson and I really enjoyed this one! What a great waterfall...and the newt climbing was priceless! He loves watching the videos with me!

  6. yes it could be a bit dicey getting around there I can see; lucky you came out unscathed John! Beautiful photos you shared with us and so interesting to get to see a newt for the first time. Do they actually go in the water?

  7. I am so envious at your waterfall shots John...... as a reptile lover, i love that little newt guy

  8. I love the deep colors of the green and leaves.

  9. Cool shots and video John. I enjoyed your post this morning.


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