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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Doorway Hotel

This is so wrong.
The U. S. government sends trillions of dollars in foreign aid, food and implements of war and destruction overseas to other countries yet it cannot take care of, feed and give shelter to its own.
Good grief, just the money alone in campaign funds generated for those losers, otherwise known as politicians, would be enough to take care of the poor, homeless and hungry in America.


  1. Very striking photo John.
    (like the one in b&w best)

  2. and so many of the homeless are soldiers!
    our priorities are all out of whack

    the photo is powerful, especially in B&W


  3. Black and white for me John. This type of poverty happens all over the world, it just seems sometimes that our governments would rather send the money abroad to less fortunate countries giving an impression of global helper. where the truth is that its own people are hungry and homeless and they dont give a dam.

  4. Now I know what you meant about your sense of humor today, John. I agree...I commented during the last election that if our current president - who shall remain nameless because I have a hard time writing his name - had spent the $9 million on dealing with the jobless, homeless and other vitally important issues, he might have been able to make a difference. Rather, he squandered that money, and continues to do so with the ridiculous vacations, etc. Now, I will get off my soapbox...very thought-provoking photos today.

  5. It happens here to John.. and a lot more than people realise.
    I like you can't believe we can't look after our own.
    Ok some people want to live rough but thats a choice they make.
    Some they have no choice and thats when the Fat Cats can share their wealth.
    It's one of those weird moments for me as tomorrows post is written and ready... it's all about a wonderful man who wanted to live his life sleeping under the stars.

    Did you Google the Chinese cockle pickers. 23 illegal Chinese immigrants drowned in Morcambe Bay digging for cockles (shellfish) in 2004.

  6. it's really interesting to read your observation; 'cause we chant the same message, though politicians don't seem to hear us.

  7. This is wrong in so many ways. However, I do not think these kinds of issues are ever black and white. Is there really a person under that wrap at the doorstep? They must be pretty small. Although, I think I spot a beer can, too. And why is such a new fancy doorway already adorned with "hotel" paraphernalia and tagged with graffiti? I agree that in the past 20 or so years (way before our current President and probably true for most of the post-WWII/Great Depression history) sending troops and money overseas did little to best help the people who most need help here in the U.S., be it for food, shelter, and/or health care (including for substance abuse, rather than spending more $$$ to incarcerate them)... but, hey, I was an orphan from another country thanks to a U.S.-initiated war that has yet to end and was adopted and naturalized into the U.S. So, heck, who am I to say what's right?

  8. Yes, something (on more correctly, multiple things) are seriously out of whack. The b&w version is really powerful.

  9. The same happens here John... :(
    I do prefer the colourful version, the details look sharper and there is the impact of the colours, like a frame.

  10. The color shot is much more dramatic.

  11. Amen, brother. As a country, our Calvinist roots continue to show.


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