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Friday, March 30, 2012

Flowers, Leaves & Things

Uh-oh, looks like Blogger is having issues this morning. I struck out in trying to comment on blog posts this morning. So just know I viewed your posts everyone but that was all.

Interesting thing about this plant was that it is growing out of just a few inches of soil that had flowed down onto the top of this large boulder.

These are very small leaves of a mossy fern-like covering on tree bark. I was trying to catch a drop of water forming and falling off but was never successful.


  1. Problem resolved, at least on my end! Don't give up on that drop of water, some day the two of you will time each other perfectly and magic will happen... Ta Da!

  2. i had the issue earlier, too, but it cleared.

    hope you have a great day, john...

  3. I like the little purple flower.
    Have a good weekend John! ;-)

  4. Beautiful flowers and small leaves ! Those tiny flowers and mosses are new to me, I haven't seen them yet.

  5. Nice spring shots! I haven't had any issues this morning but then I may have slept through them.

  6. Wonderful images John.. it's (hopefully) a great time of year to capture some of natures best.

  7. At least I can use that excuse for why I have had so few comments today! Love your shots...water dropping is sometimes VERY elusive!

  8. I like the little green that's growing all by itself


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