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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's a Small Green World

Two days later I went for a trail run and stopped on the way back to check out the newly found mushroom patch featured in Sunday's post. Gone. Stripped clean. Not a sign of them ever having been there. The mushrooms must have been of the edible kind and the deer had a gourmet snack. So this explains why I had never seen them before in spite of my numerous times by this spot. Whew! I'm not totally mental...yet. Here are some more pictures taken after the mushrooms, as I try to get some practice in with the 105mm macro.

Staghorn Lichen

Now for those who enjoy the ferns and moss.

There's just so much of it around I have a hard time deciding what to photograph.

Looks like the moss enjoys life on the bark but not tree itself here.

Here I was trying for the delicate hair-like tendrils sprouting up but missed it with the depth of field.
Yet just before I deleted the picture I noticed the fine growth, like a dusting of green powder on the post and I was happy with the accidental capture of it.
So always look before you delete.
I noticed too, the little something off to the right. It looks like a beetle but I don't think it is. Zooming way in on the picture I still could not tell what it is. Just below it is a very small nail and I suspect that "something" may be a larger nail from left over wire fencing.

Here I succeeded, to a degree, with the little guys standing tall. The sharpness isn't quite there, even though I am using the tripod. Perhaps because they are so small I should have used my remote shutter release (not my finger) and had the vibration reduction switched on. It's all part of learning.


  1. each delightful photographs and I hadn't thought about a remote shutter giving you the sharpness you thought you needed in the final photo. I guess since you had the tripod, that also setting the self timer would also alleviate this (since I don't have a remote). Interesting thought. Love the mosses also.

  2. All that green made me long for Spring. Almost here.

  3. Some of my very favorite subjects...moss and ferns! And fungi, and mushrooms...oh well, I just love nature shots! And the remote shutter release is my best friend, after my tripod, of course! These are great shots...love the little tendrils standing tall!

  4. Don't you just hate google now we cannot put our shots on in full pixels. one of the reasons I am now with wordpress.

  5. these are all cool! you get a lot more moisture in your area so i don't get to enjoy your ferns and moss here. :)

  6. Wonderful images to see John and the last image is fantastic.
    I need to start getting down on my hands and knees for a closer look at foliage.
    I just hope I can get up again.

  7. These are all beautiful images. I am also a big fan of moss and ferns.

  8. There seems to be a lot of green in your "neck of the woods". I fear things won't be green much longer if we don't get more rain.

  9. So lovely. I was in a local forest this afternoon and it's still mostly covered in snow still. And I can hardly wait for the ice on the path to melt and the puddles to dry up.


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