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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mind Your Rocks

Seen at Crazy Horse Monument, South Dakota.

Inside the HUGE visitor center at Crazy Horse was a corner in one of the display rooms where a large pile of rock stood, rock brought down from the mountain from where the sculpture of Crazy Horse is being done. Here you could help yourself to a souvenir rock from the mountain. A receptacle was nearby where you could leave a donation of any amount you wish for your souvenir rock. Off to the right of the load of rock was the entry into another cheesy souvenir parlor. Naturally people would wander in there next. And naturally people, kids especially, would be dropping their rocks on the wood flooring, hence the sign above.

And in case you are wondering, yes I got a rock and no I didn't leave it at the door.
I just didn't go in.
My rock now sits in my study next to the one I brought down from the summit of Mt. Whitney.
I left a dollar for the Crazy Horse rock.
I left a whole lot more on that mountain for the Mt. Whitney rock.

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  1. nice momento of your visit to have a piece of rock to take back home. Hope we get to see the Crazy Horse some day

  2. I have rocks from places I visit also...just never had one that asked for a donation! I brought back a rock or two from my trip to Ireland. Naturally, they were pretty small since they had to fit in the suitcase! And someone brought me a rock from Graceland once...

    The origin of signs is always interesting anyway! Nice capture!

  3. a very unique sign, for sure. probably the only site for it. :)

  4. I'd love a rock from there and I too just wouldn't go into the shop

  5. A crazy sign at the Crazy Horse. ;-)

  6. Lucky you. I would love to have one of those rocks.


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