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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Noticing Other Pictures in the Big Picture

A pretty flower on the hillside.
But as I was selecting the best photo to use, I noticed the leaf.

It alone would have made a good subject back lit by the sunlight.
I easily can get caught up in the main subject and not notice the little things around me.
Here I cropped out the leaf itself. I think I could have got an interesting picture of it had I tried. 

Another one of those flowers and I see now how the furry side of the leaf might have been a good photo too.

I didn't overlook this one though.
This little flower is about twice the width of a thin blade of grass.

Close up it is full of details. The anther, the yellow part of the stamen is about the size of a grain of sand.
Pretty amazing for such a little flower.

Hopefully from now on I will take notice of the little things around the main subject also.


  1. That must be some lens you have there. That last shot is amazing.

  2. those are beautiful, john. nice!

  3. Nice DOF on the macro john. Kept that little flower real sharp.

    Good work

  4. You're right John, little things can make a big difference!
    Have a good Sunday! ;-)

  5. it is totally amazing the genetics packed into a weeny seed. Imagine the size of the seed of that little pink flower; which doesn't seem so tiny when you can get right up close and put it before our eyes. Interesting lare foliage like rhubarb (!) for the first one and the sunlight behind the leaves made for a great shot too John.

  6. Lovely images...

    re: the time lapse I just used Windows Live Movie Maker to speed up the video nothing to do with my camera... load your clip and click on edit.. slow motion is available also.

  7. John, your photos are always amazing! And I always enjoy your commentary...truly a pleasure to visit you daily!

  8. Wonderful macro shots. And so true about overlooking stuff because your focused on something else. Many of my favorite photos have been afterthoughts (peripheral to the "main" photo I was trying to capture).

  9. They're beautiful. It's amazing what flowers are found between the grasses. Sometimes it's a scavenger hunt.

  10. Nice one John, I'd had my camera some time and had been using my Macro setting occasionally. Then I discovered I had Super Macro also, and that opened up a whole new world.

  11. I love how you're exploring and noticing new things through your camera. The next time you find a Pacific hound's tongue (blue flower with big leaves), take a close look at it in sunlight. The petals sparkle as if they've been dusted with silver glitter. I'll expect a photo of that soon ;)

  12. You captured the details very well! Isn't nature incredible?


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