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Sunday, March 25, 2012

One Left

My grandsons will be able to recall seeing payphones in their lifetime, but the next generation most likely will not. Only in movies, photos of days gone by and museums will that generation and those that come after will they see a public telephone, a device that one deposited coins into in order to make a telephone call. To have an idea how strange that may seem to them, imagine long ago someone telling you the day would come where you would have to pay money for air?
Closer inspection of the sign shows that if you buy gasoline, California law states that you are entitled to free air and water. You just have to go inside and state your case to the cashier. Otherwise, pay a dollar.


  1. Some more of the quandaries of life, John...nice shot of the phone booths...one with a phone, and one with a phone book...guess they make a pair, huh?

  2. You're so right John!
    How could I imagine that one day I'd carry a (mobile) phone in my bag?
    Have a good Sunday. :)

  3. NOooo... I suppose land lines are the next to go, which mean I/we will be forced to buy a cell phone!

    We have a pay-as-you go Trac-Phone for emergency use only when traveling, but still climb the telephone pole for local and long distance. Bubba's phone company is very affordable with his $35 mo. unlimited talk anywhere/anytime in the U.S.A! Since we don't travel much its perfect for us....FOR NOW!

  4. Yes, isn't that ridiculous to pay for air!?

    Read an article in the newspaper this week that some company is going to start to replace a big part of the pay phones in NYC with so called computer kiosks. You will be able to access the internet, make phone calls and they will be outfitted with electrical outlets so you can juice up your phone or laptop.

  5. The only place my daughter has seen a pay phone is in Disney World. She has grown up in a cell phone world. I tell her about the party line phones that I had growing up - she is amazed by that.
    Things do change!
    Great Photos!
    Happy Sunday!

  6. It's the same over here John... first it was the replacement of our iconic little red phone box (some villages managed to save them as historic monuments)then the removal of pay phones which left the historic monuments empty... it's progress... it's just going a bit fast for me.

  7. certainly interesting observations John

  8. That's funny, they are disappearing! Like the black and white again!

  9. I can't believe there is still a phone both still standing. Great shot.


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