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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


My lens was clean for a change. I see only a couple dust specks on this picture. I am really bad about having dust on my lenses but am getting better at remembering to clean them.

Going outside and taking a picture of a clear sky is the best way to see if there is dust on your lens. If after cleaning your lens and you still see spots just like the one at about one o'clock above from the right end of the telephone pole crossbeam, then the dust speck is on your sensor. Do not touch the sensor. Read your manual on how to clean the sensor. If you look through your viewfinder and see a dust speck in the same spot with different lenses or no lens on the camera then the speck is on the Fresnel lens of your camera. That spot will not show up in your pictures but it is annoying to look at through the camera. You can easily brush or blow the dust off the Fresnel lens safely. The Fresnel lens is the frosted looking piece of glass inside the camera up underneath at the top.

Now if I want to remove a dust speck from a picture I use the clone tool in my photo program. You may be able to find about six spots removed in the picture below after cloning them out.
If you try to clone out a dust speck several times but it stubbornly remains, then the speck is on your computer screen. Um, that's another whole issue I really have got to get a handle on.


  1. LOL. I remember that I spent a bit of time one day trying to clone out a spot that happened to be on my monitor. I need to get with the program and keep my lenses clean, too. Meanwhile, aren't birds lucky that we put up so many utility poles.

  2. ha ha! laughing at the computer screen...

  3. Wonderful John..
    I am laughing at the computer screen comment just like Theresa... are your birds starlings?

  4. I was intently reading all the information...then I got to the end and had to laugh out loud! Just don't go using white-out on your screen, ok?

  5. Timely post. I have a number of dust spots ... all on my sensor. Called today to see if they could clean it for me ... got to give it up for 3 days! Ugh! So, do you think this is something I should attempt?? Hell, I just tore up a whole bathroom, did some plumbing and tiled. Surely I can clean some camera dust?? LOL!

  6. LOL, my spots are usually on my glasses. I had a heck of a time finding your "spot" in the first photo. First I cleaned my glasses, then my computer screen, finally I rubbed my eyes and yep.. there it was! For me, thank goodness for cloning, works every time..but then I wonder if my cloning is creating a spot that only other people can see! Hmmm

  7. The nice thing about getting old is you can't see the dust spots ... the bad thing is, if you can't see them, you can't clean or clone them ... hmmmm. So where does that leave me. I am sure I have pictures with dust spots but my friends are too polite to tell me. This is turning into a dilema.
    See what you started? Loved your post ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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