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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Right Under My Feet...Almost

Here is the story behind yesterday's post.
It was the day after the rain stopped and I thought a perfect opportunity to get some more photos of spider webs laced with rain drops. I hiked the mile in to my secret location where Big Red lives. I set the tripod up, reached around to remove the lens cap and snap on the lens hood. It was then I noticed...I had the WRONG lens on the camera! There I stood staring at my 70-300mm in disbelief as if I looked at it hard enough the macro lens would appear in it's place. Grrrrr! The 70-300mm works very well with close-ups and is easy to use, but I really wanted to work with the 105mm macro as I need the practice with it. So I stood there eating my apple, thinking not too kindly of myself and contemplating what to do next. I tossed the apple core, folded up the tripod and trudged back to the car. There I switched lenses and decided to not go back to my secret spot. Instead I would practice with the macro at the trail head on whatever there was. It was then, no more than 30 yards from my car, off to the left I saw these tall mushrooms unlike any I've seen hiking miles about in the forest. How many times have I walked by this spot, only an apple core toss from my car and never saw these? Dozens of times!

The following are similar to those seen before in the forest.

Lesson learned: When you do something stupid, some good will come out of it.
You just need to look around to see it.

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  1. those first few look like shortbread cookies on stems. i must be hungry...

  2. I do like mushroom photos, and you have some really great ones here!
    Happy Macro Monday!
    Lea's Menagerie

  3. well you got lucky one way or another; nice series

  4. I love those shots! That darker one is very like the red one we found on the Blue Ridge Parkway last September. Mushrooms and fungi are so interesting! I understand the frustration with having the wrong lenses. Every time I have consciously decided to leave a lens in the car, I have needed it! I have just about decided that I need something larger so I can carry all of them without looking like, or needing, a pack mule!

  5. More great shots. You can keep the mushrooms coming just now nad we'll just wait for the spiders webs.

  6. Isn't cool to explore different places?! ;-)

  7. Great fungi! I much prefer them over spiders anyway ;)

  8. Beautiful macro photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  9. The universe had something else in my mind for you and you came away with these beautiful shots of nature ~ Love them ~~thanks for sharing, namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)
    linked with Macro Monday

  10. I don't thing you need any practice with that lens!!
    these are all great shots
    it worked out perfectly

  11. Fantastic photos of the fungi!

    Happy MM


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