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Friday, March 9, 2012

Shooting in the Dark

During yesterday's mountain bike ride I stopped next to a stream for a break. There alongside the water white butterflies were frolicking about in the mud. I pulled out my trusty Canon point & click, got down on the ground and took these pictures. The only problem was that it was so bright out that the glare and reflection off the LCD screen of camera was so great, couple that with wearing dark sunglasses and bad eyesight, the images were nearly impossible to see. So I shot away hoping for the best, and this is about the best of that.
I think this would have been real good of the one butterfly in back but somebody hogged into the picture.
 And there was this guy.

As I was picking myself up from the ground this woman came running along the trial. Being as we were way far out from anywhere, I asked where she had started from as to try to figure out how she could make a loop out of her run in order to get back where she began. Well it turned out she was doing a 16 mile run saying "I'll be out here for most of the day". Good grief, I don't even go that far on my bike!  30 years ago though, when I was her age, I could of said the same. "Sigh" I got back on my bicycle turned around and went home.


  1. awww. :)

    i like the furry body on that white moth/butterfly... :)

  2. Love these photos! You did a great job "blind" - but I laughed out loud at you getting up off the ground. I find myself doing that and having people look at me, wondering if I need help or if I am just crazy! Great photos of these butterflies - especially the one showing the fuzy body!

  3. It's so fun to photograph butterflies, isn't it?! Amazing creatures!
    Have a good weekend John! :)

  4. I think we photographers are keen at noticing details that many others just pass by, (or jog by), like these delicate looking little butterflies/moths. Second, if I'd been flat on the ground, the hardest part of the 'shoot' would be getting back up!! I find it frustrating that the older I get, the less mobile I get, and I can picture in my mind great compositions that I can't get!!!

  5. I tried to take photos of similar butterflies last fall and my results didn't turn out as well as these. They are really hard to photograph... and I really don't know why!

  6. well I love those butterflies too and I totally empathize the equasion with the eyesight/sunnies/lcd screen trifecta. You did well; they're quite different to anything I've seen.

  7. Lovely butterflies. Sorry about the realization of age. :( I'm making the realization myself. Hope you had a good bike ride just the same. :)

  8. I am sorry but you have written such a funny story, I had to laugh out loud John, although maybe it wasn't your intention to make it sound funny. Anyways, I do like your photos I am amazed that you could get so close to them. Have a nice day John!


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