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Saturday, April 7, 2012


Just going through my photo folders deleting them as I've pretty much picked out the better of the lot in each. Here are a few I gave a last minute reprieve before pushing the button.

Black-Necked Stilt

Red Shouldered Hawk on a highway sign looking for lunch.

And the story. There's usually always a story behind every photograph. Here I tried something different. I rode my bicycle a few miles into my State Park before going off through the woods on an exploratory hike. The main reason was so that I could pretty much coast the two miles downhill back to where I parked saving me from two miles of slogging along after having already hiked several miles. I pulled my bike off into the woods and locked it to a downed tree - not that anyone would come by and see it. Mainly just for the peace of mind. I took a good look as to where I had pulled off the fire road so as to be able to find my bike when I came back. As I got my camera gear and pack situated I noticed this little mushroom set and took two pictures. Off I then went through the forest. After a few miles I was back onto the fire road and proceeded down to where I started. Naturally I couldn't locate the little ravine where I pulled off. Eventually I realised I had walked too far and turned back up the road. Yet still I could not locate the spot where fifty feet in my bike stood locked to a tree. I stopped, stood there, scratching my head, concentrating, Where? Where did I leave the road? A bit further on I finally found the spot and my bike. I decided this wasn't such a good idea and probably will not do a ride and hike again. One or the other, but not both where I end up hiding the bike so well that I cannot even find it. Oh and I never took a picture on the hike; only the two of the little red mushrooms right where I had parked my bicycle.


  1. Oh, the vagaries of age and pre-occupation! I once lost my car in a parking ramp - and the darndest thing is that we could see the car, but couldn't figure out how to get to it! One of those split-level things! Now, I make every attempt to park near the elevator or stairs!

    Loved the photo of the hawk...and the red mushrooms. They were so bright! Have a great day...

  2. I've been reminding myself every now and then when I go searching for an image, that I should be deleting more along the way to make room for the new. Question: Once they go up on your blog, you don't need to save them forever do you? They remain in a blog-cloud somewhere? (Realize blog clouds could disintegrate at any time by the forces of nature, but if I choose to take the risk?)

    What a hassle; not being able to relocate your bike on the hike John! Your mushroom pics are sweet though. I think the thrill of an 'excursion' is in the anticipation of what just-might lay ahead. Some days are better than others but it's a story to tell none-the-less.

  3. Let me guess, you forgot to leave a trail of breadcrumbs in your haste to make your way through the forest! I ALWAYS keep a bag handy... just in case I forget where I parked my car at Wally-World! ;D

    Cute little mushrooms, love the color!

  4. at least you eventually found the bike. i can hardly find my car in the walmart parking lot, some days...

  5. I would be hopeless at that. Glad you were eventually successful. Love those red mushrooms. And the hawk.

  6. Definite keepers John.
    I would love to be able to leave my bike in my woodlands but I'm sure it would have been stolen before I got back... chained to a tree or not.

  7. Geez, what sharp fablous photos here. The light on the mushooms is fantastic.


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